What’s on?

October 2012 – February 2013

Oct 1 Mon
Event UP #0 ArtEZ + city center + restaurant Dudok
Oct 1 – Oct 2 all-day

UP# 0
Research group Unpacking Performativity presented itself to the world.
The way of working always consists of the elements TALK, DO and RELFECT.

Event UP# 0  was a serie of three events. One at ArtEZ Institute of the Arts, one at the center shopping square and the last at Restaurant Dudok. The invitees walked and reflected with the researchers and performers Niels Storm Robitzky, Bart van Rosmalen and Gaby Allard from site to site.

Dec 17 Mon
UP #2 ArtEZ Arnhem
Dec 17 – Dec 18 all-day

Workshop by Niels ‘Storm’ Robitzky for students from ArtEZ Shool of Dance, track dance teacher. 

Event as ‘active research part’ format  “Me Against the Music” with students from ArtEZ School of Dance, track dance teacher.

Contemplative Dialogue with extended circle guests Tamara Rookus and Fleur Bokhoven on Gadamer, Het Schone.
A contemplative dialogue invites to deeper understanding of a text by using dialogue and reflection.


Feb 11 Mon
UP #3 ArtEZ Arnhem
Feb 11 – Feb 12 all-day

UP#3 at ArtEZ

Reading and talk with extended circle of guest Hanneke Koolen, Fransien van der Put en Dick Hollander on Erike Fischer-Lichte’s The Transformative Power of Performance. A new esthetics. (2008)

An event, as active research element,  with researchers and students from ArtEZ School of Dance, track dancer/maker.

Creating a format for the conference Event in Practice in 26-29 March 2013 in Amsterdam.