Event UP# 0 Arnhem, The Netherlands

Clip by Teresa van Twuijver



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Declaration for the Day of Performativity



first Day of Performativity

Photo credits:  Visual Minutes team
The professorship Theory in the arts and the School of Dance of ArtEZ Institute of the Arts and the whole crew of the research group Unpacking performativity offer a celebration of the first Day of Performativity on 18th of November 2014 in Arnhem.
This event is a closure of a two years research journey,

Two years ago the research group Unpacking Performativity started its research journey. (…)

Magazine event ‘It’s UP# to you’

The research group joined the ArtEZ Studium Generale event Just Another Day February 14th 2014. UP# worked with students and professionals from various fields to co-create artistic interventions for uncommon experiences of the city of Arnhem. A special team travelled with the group to create visual notes of the event. Find the online magazine here and enjoy! (…)

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